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Alfred Cheung, founder of Green Society Association !

Alfred has extensive experience in container transportation, port developments, logistics planning, IT applications, human resources and cold-chain management throughout his affiliation with the shipping industry for the past 3 decades. Currently, he is a council member serving both The Japan Society of Hong Kong, advisor to The Japan Hong Kong Society in Tokyo and as vice chairman of Japan Kochi Hong Kong Society. Alfred has been appointed as external advisor to Open Univesity University in Hong Kong.

Alfred is regularly invited to professionals forums and universities as keynote speaker on topics related reefer logistics, supply-chain management, human resources and related topics. He is now also the advisor of Tsuruga Port, Brand Ambassador of Fukui Prefecture in Japan, MICE Ambassador of Fukuoka City, Japan and Reefer Ambassador of OceanX alliance.

Alfred is formerly the Director of Reefer trade at OOCL headquarters and Managing Director of OOCL Japan. From January 2008 till June 2010 Alfred served as Managing Director of ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Limited in Japan.

Together with University researchers and logistics professionals, Alfred has formed an comanization to promote more efficient logistics transportation through the application of DX, RFID, Blockchain, 5G, AR/VR/MR applications, and IoT technology to enhance traceability, transparency, and yield optimization dedicated to a better environment for everybody.

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